Milton - Biomedical Engineer / Richmond

As a first-timer house purchase, tedious processes and challenging negotiations were expected; However, Isaac has proved me otherwise. With Isaac, the entire purchasing experience was made effortless, enjoyable and, most importantly, transparent. Isaac provides practical and rational guidance on every step along the process; as a result, there was never a moment of stalling and in fact very smooth and efficient. Therefore, when it comes to real estate matters, I will absolutely recommend none other than Isaac.

Charlotte - Lawyer / Burnaby

Isaac is a professional, approachable and efficient realtor. He follows up and follows through with everything that needs to be done. He goes above and beyond what is expected of a realtor. We really appreciate his keen eye and attention to detail. Isaac was knowledgeable and extremely patient in answering all of our questions. We felt like Isaac looked out for our interests and never rushed us into making a decision. We ended up recommending him to some other people and they also had a positive experience! We look forward to working with Isaac again.

Reanne - Homemaker / Vancouver

Isaac's care through the whole process leading up to and including selling and buying our amazing house! His thoughtfulness, generosity and peaceful spirit blessed us very much.

 Dan - Financial Advisor / Coquitlam  

Isaac was very patient and seeking to understand our needs for our first house purchase.  Subsequently he has helped my family with three transactions and emphasizes exceptional service and a commitment to integrity throughout the process.

Rick - Secondary School Principal / White Rock

I appreciated Isaac's professionalism, his behind the scenes work, his being on time and, through conversation, helping me narrow my search and get a better sense as to what I was looking for.

Allan - Sourcing Manager / Burnaby

"There is no doubt about Isaac's professional service as a realtor and we are fully satisfied. Ever since we got the contact of Isaac through my sister, he has been following up very closely throughout the home buying process.  What we like most was his detail support to take us step by step until the process completed. Especially when we are far way and don't have much knowledge of Vancouver's properly market. Without his help and reliable service, we may not have such confidence to take this step to buy the property in Vancouver." 

Winnie - Administrator / Canadian Consulate / Richmond

Isaac has provided excellent service to me and my family and helped me to accomplish my buying process efficiently and effectively.  It is not easy to find a realtor who is helpful, truthful and reliable but Isaac is professional, dependable and trustworthy.  My experience in Hong Kong is that most realtors just want to sell the unit without truthfully advising the clients if the unit suits their need or not.  However, Isaac changed my perception of a realtor.  He has provided valuable advice and info not only related to home buying but also to hydro, Strata and home insurance etc.

Bill - Marketing Executive - Burnaby

I have used the services of many realtors in the past and I can say without a doubt that Isaac has provided the best service. I like his clear, simple, and straight forward communication, no surprises. If you want to get the best price for your home call Isaac, his service is a bonus.

Jesse - Special Ed. Consultant / Burnaby

I'd had a negative experience with another buying agent from a large brokerage. Isaac listened carefully to my needs and quickly identified excellent properties that fit my parameters. He was quick and efficient, provided useful advice and perspective, and helped me make smart, informed choices for my financial situation and unique needs. He was patient, methodical, and flexible through every step of the purchase, and helped me get good value for my money. 

I love my condo, and feel I definitely got more value and a much better home than I could have without his service. Working with a trustworthy, capable buying agent can save you time, money, and a lot of hassle, and help manage the risks and pitfalls. Finding a home is supposed to be fun. I look forward to recommending Isaac to everyone I know. 

Praise - College Teacher / Vancouver

 As first time home buyers, we were afraid of our lengthy wish list and how a realtor would react to our meticulous needs.  Upon our first consultation with Isaac, he was able to put us at ease and help guide us through the overwhelming home buying process.  From understanding our needs and favourite neighbourhoods, working with our budget, putting in the offer, negotiating, and coordinating with the mortgage broker and lawyer, he was able to coordinate all the people and pieces for a successful completion.  Throughout the process, Isaac was patient even though we changed our minds multiple times on the type of home and neighbourhoods.  We could not be happier with the home that Isaac helped us find.  We would not hesitate to recommend Isaac to a home buyer.  He goes above and beyond for his clients.

Andy - Mechanic / Vancouver

Isaac's services in selling my place was great in that he helped me feel at ease through the whole process from listing my place to the final signing of the accepted offer and to even having all the documents sent to my lawyer and just having to go into my lawyer's office to sign the documents. Any of the concerns that I brought up Isaac did his best to answer, and if he didn't know he would get back to me within a day or two with an answer.

Tiffany - Human Resources / North Delta

Isaac was very good at communicating to us what was happening and ensuring that we were protected at all times.  We have only used one other realtor but we have noticed a difference right off the bat. 

He is also a very honest realtor who is passionate about what he does. His service was fantastic and made the process very easy for us, especially when trying to buy and sell at the same time.  We would not have been able to deal with both sides without him and to walk us through that whole ordeal!  Helping with all the legal and knowing all the real estate laws were also of great value.

A very professional realtor who is very knowledgable in this field of work.  He is honest and will ensure that you are well-informed before making a decision.  His advice is very valuable and we cannot imagine how we could have sold and bought our place at the same time without him!

Kenric - Chief Engineer; Lisa - Elementary School Teacher / Burnaby

We would recommend Isaac as Lisa and I enjoyed talking, laughing and working together. Excellent representation on the property comparisons and baseline data comparisons, made it real.

Lisa and I enjoyed our heart to heart discussions and Isaac's open and honest communication. We found his assessment and property comparisons valuable as that information made it easy for us to comprehend our first sale.

Mabel - Homemaker / Vancouver

Isaac's service extended far beyond what we asked for and expected. Along with the property we wanted to see, Isaac showed us other comparable properties. He asked questions and listened to our comments and concerns, so that we know better what we truly wanted, and made sure me and my husband were on the same page. Isaac taught us different things to look for and consider when viewing the properties. Once he helped us see what we truly wanted, it saved much time and effort later when a property came up which fit our desires. Isaac made the entire home buying process stress-free and enjoyable…(he) ensured our interests were protected at every stage.

Ben - Business Owner / Vancouver
Isaac takes care of all the details while giving you the professional service needed to get your property sold. He is reliable and gives good strategic advice to help you make the right decisions.  

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