My Marketing


Marketing is all about the details of your home and having a plan to communicate it. Every home has a story to tell and Isaac has developed an innovative marketing plan to tell it effectively so that it would inform and attract interested potential buyers.


Pricing is an art. It will either help your home sold at top price or help your competitions to sell before yours. 
Isaac have mastered the Comparable Market Analysis to produce an accurate market price for your home.  


Staging is all about presenting your home in the best light and making it shine brighter than the competition.
Isaac has a proven approach that works with professionals to help your home achieve this. 


Once your home is prepared and staged thoughtfully and beautifully, it is time to capture it visually. The importance of telling your home's story through images and videos cannot be overstated. Isaac will make sure this is done professionally in quality. His creative designed brochures and marketing materials, the details and images of your home will make a vivid impression in the minds of potential buyers.


Regularly providing you through the whole process is only part of Isaac's communication. Follow-up with all leads, buyers and agents that even express a little interest will help to speed up the sale and maximize the price you get for your property. 


Isaac is not just a warm body at open houses. He works diligently and takes pride in getting to know every detail and fact of your home in order to help prospective buyers appreciate and have confidence in your home. Most importantly, he will attend to every small and significant details in order to make sure that all the above will be done. 

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